Party’s over, time to own it

Obama needs to re-think some policies for the next four years

If you step back and listed the biggest threats facing America, it’ll most likely include some, or all of these things: Our undeniably weak economy/growing debt, the risk of Iran attaining nuclear capabilities, the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts coinciding with another wave of PPACA (Obamacare) taxes and the threat of China both economically and militarily. But if you looked solely at President Obama’s campaign, making women’s birth control “free,” trying to recover from the previous administration and raising taxes on the wealthy would appear to be of the utmost importance.

Here’s the reality. Obamacare is on its way. The model itself doesn’t discourage businesses to switch to self-insured plans, but when Obama sees that businesses go this route – which they’ve already started to do – they’ll simply put more taxes on businesses, forcing the employees onto the exchanges. When the cost of insurance to those still with it increases to cover the costs the government won’t fully pay to doctors, there will be more coming out of the system than what’s getting paid in.

Obama’s answer to our economic problems has been stimulus. The only thing stimulus does is decrease the value of the dollar and waste tax payer money on trying to artificially create jobs that aren’t even sustainable. Quantitative easing only eases the minds of those who think it makes a positive difference, which brings me to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He’s already come out to say that he wants to raise the debt ceiling – again – to $18.794 trillion. This will lead to another credit downgrade for the U.S. But worse, it still doesn’t solve our problem. Harry Reid’s Democratic-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget in almost 1,300 days. Maybe Harry Reid should quit lying about people not paying taxes in over 10 years and do his job. You know that thing 23 million Americans would kill to have.

One thing Obama’s administration is going to have to change is their interpretation of “transparency.” They were more than eager to show us pictures of Obama and his top officials watching the raid on Bin Laden’s compound, but we still don’t know about Fast and Furious or what exactly transpired on the White House’s side of the Benghazi situation. We’re also just finding out about a U.S. drone that Iran shot down on Nov. 1. The fact that the White House is still claiming they’re “gathering intelligence” on such attacks is a lie. They know what is happening when it’s happening. We’re the United States of America. We don’t spend what we spend on our military and foreign intelligence not to.

If you’re a female and voted for Obama because you believed the manufactured lie that Republicans wanted to take away your birth control or were offended that Republicans thought you’re nothing more than your reproductive organs, that’s fine. Or if you voted for Obama because you believe that taxing the rich will somehow put more money in your pocket, that’s fine as well. There are bigger, more important issues to be dealt with. In what I’ve seen from his first term, Obama doesn’t have what it takes to keep America on its feet. His economic philosophy destroys rather than fosters, he has no interest in containing national security threats and his lack of interest in the mundane duties of the President is concerning, to say the least. There’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel is another four years away.


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